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N E W    S E A S O N    

Need new inspiration for this season?

 Always wear clothes that fit your personality and style and make you feel good and comfortable.

Even though you have a favourite style, do not wear it every day, find one or two good replacements every season – and soon your whole wardrobe will be stuffed with nice styles which look great on you and the most important thing – makes you feel good.  

Choose good quality products rather than quantity – quality styles are likely to be hardwearing, meaning it will save you money in the long run. Furthermore it is a well known fact that good quality fabrics layers much better on the body.  

Fashion wise everything is allowed this spring, but getting a little bit of inspiration can never hurt. Check out our latest Big & Tall lookbook in size XL - 8XL. 

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NEW NOOS 2021    >>    take a look!




Autumn/Winter 2020 - Sneak Peek EDITION 




Autumn/Winter 2020 - SUSTAINABLE EDITION 







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